Golf caddies turn beef jerky into multimillion-dollar business

After chef Blair Swiler took a break from cooking, he caddied alongside Dennis Riedel, and together they turned a homemade beef jerky operation into a multimillion dollar business.

In just four years Chef’s Cut saw its profits rise from more than $460 thousand to $47.5 million, Chef's Cut Real Jerky co-founder Dennis Riedel told FOX Business on Tuesday.

He said partnering with Rohan Oza and Halen Brands helped the business become successful.

“We are a chef crafted brand so we’ve differentiated ourselves. We’ve put ourselves out there in kind of a niche of our own,” Reidel told Charles Payne on “Varney & Co.” “It’s really been working and we see the retail pull on the shelves.”

Because the company has grown so quickly, he said they are looking to take the company beyond the jerky market.

“We are riding the wave,” he said. “We think there is a lot of opportunity and a lot of white space and a lot of different segments of the store that need disruption.”

Riedel said the business will rake in about $50 million in revenue this year and expects to reach $100 million within the next three years.