Girl Scout’s Brutally Honest Reviews Lead to Sales Records

When Girl Scout Charlotte McCourt began selling Girl Scout Cookies this year, her original goal was to match her 300 sales from last year.  Now, McCourt has not only passed the 300 mark, but has broken the Girl Scout’s sales record by selling more than 24,000 boxes so far.

“I broke the American record and the international record, they were the same thing,” McCourt told the Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

The meteoric rise in sales began with a suggestion from her father Sean McCourt who works on the podcast of Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame.  When Charlotte raised concerns that a lack of cookie boxes had been purchased to donate to U.S. troops overseas, her father suggested she write to his wealthy friend asking if he would purchase some cookies.

Along with a plea for her dad’s friend to purchase cookies for our troops, Charlotte gave a brutally honest review of the various cookies in her email.  She called the Toffee-Tastic cookies, which she rated a one, a ‘bleak, flavorless, gluten-free wasteland.’

Her dad’s friend bought cookies from Charlotte, but sales really took off when Mike Rowe read the letter in a video he posted to Facebook (NASDAQ:FB).  The video went viral and drove sales to record breaking levels.

Charlotte highlighted the importance of sending cookies to our troops overseas in the interview.

“There was only one cookie that got a 10 and that was donating to the troops.”

Charlotte revealed the two Girl Scout Cookies she enjoyed the most saying, “My favorite is the Samoa.  It is a nine along with the Thin Mint cause I love them so much.”

And Charlotte’s work is not over yet, she is still selling the cookies and even has her own website.