From 'Gold Rush' Star to Trump Administration Prospect?

‘Gold Rush’ star Todd Hoffman took a break from mining for gold to weigh in on the election and President-elect Donald Trump’s potential impact on the mining industry.

Hoffman first explained his decision to move his mining business from Canada back to his home state of Oregon.

“We’ve been mining in Canada all these years, and I thought to myself, I’m an American, I want to come back to the United States. I want to either live or die on my own soil,” Hoffman told the FOX Business Network’s Ashley Webster.

When told his style was a bit Trump-like, he reacted, “Is that good or bad?”

But, Hoffman actually took the comparisons as a positive, responding, “I take that as a compliment because, you know what, I voted for Trump, and I actually sent Trump some money.”

“I’m not saying that [Trump] is perfect. I’m not saying that he’s going to solve all our problems, but as a gold miner, why I’m gold mining is I’m watching our country print money and get into debt all these years. I believe in gold because I’m worried. I’m afraid for my kids.”

Hoffman hopes Trump will follow through on his campaign promises, particularly pertaining to the debt and immingration.

“I’m hoping that he lives up to his promises and I’m hoping that we can reduce the debt, and we can close down the borders a little bit. At least know who’s coming into our country, that scares me,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman raised concerns over the impact of the current regulatory environment on small mining companies. In fact, he may have an opportunity to influence the Trump administration’s position  on mining industry regulations.

“My hat is in the ring for one appointed position that has to do with mining,” he revealed. “So I don’t know what will happen and I don’t know if I can actually work a regular job anymore.”