From Dead Broke to Blue Collar Backer

If you mix ‘Shark Tank’ and ‘Bar Rescue’ you get the new show ‘Blue Collar Backers.’   The show gives an inside look into Cameron Davies’ business in which he invests his own money for food truck startups as well as building the trucks to get them on the road.

“The whole goal behind it is backing budding entrepreneurs that unfortunately don’t have the funds to start their dream business,” Davies told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

Along with the financial backing, Davies explained his role in helping the food truck startups get off the ground.

“We actually put our sweat equity in the build, but then on the operational side we help them develop a plan to be successful.”

Davies then discussed how he got his start in building food trucks.

“My wife and I were dead broke seven years ago, started building food trucks and fortunately with the grace of God we built them. Now we’re the largest manufacturer of custom kitchen trucks in the world.”

According to Davies, his business has expanded beyond just food trucks and can apply to any business that can be mobile.

“It’s not just kitchen trucks now, it’s mobile offices, barbershops, tattoo parlors.  I mean if it can be a business on wheels we’ll build it.”