Fortnite on iOS is raking in more than $1.2M a day

(Epic Games' Fortnite)

Epic Games’ new mobile survival game Fortnite is outdrawing the likes of Pokemon Go and Candy Crush Saga after only being on the market less than a month.

The game’s mobile version, which was released March 15 to all iOS users, has already grossed more than $20 million in its first three weeks, according to a report by tracking firm Sensor Tower.

“[It has] averaged about $1.2 million per day,” Randy Nelson, a researcher for the firm, told FOX Business.

What’s more, global installs of the game have topped more than 11 million users since launch.

While the growth isn’t unexpected given that it’s new, the amount of daily revenue generated is a surprise, according to the report. Last week, the game made more than $6.4 million in seven days, compared with Candy Crush Saga and Pokemon Go, which made $5.8 million and $2.7 million, respectively.

“Pokémon GO is still regarded as the most successful mobile game launch ever in terms of revenue earned during its first few months, but Fortnite is certainly among the most impressive we've seen,” Nelson said, adding that the game has been the most unexpected success in “recent memory.”

And, the bigger question now for a lot of insiders isn’t whether Fortnite can maintain those numbers but rather how much more it is poised to make when it eventually arrives on Google Play. Sensor Tower researchers predict the game can gross upwards of $3 million or more per day once the Android user base grows to a size comparable with the iOS version.

In a statement to FOX Business, a spokesman for Epic Games said it was unable to comment on the game’s financial data.