Former QB Jim Kelly Teaming Up with Merck to Help Tackle Cancer

Former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly discussed his new partnership with Merck (NYSE:MRK) to create ‘Your Cancer Game Plan’ in an effort to help people with cancer, and their loved ones, stay informed during their fight against the disease.

Before discussing what led to the partnership with Merck, Kelly commented on how supportive Trump was during his own fight with cancer.

“When I was going through my cancer fight, and that’s why we’re here, he [Donald Trump] provided my family and friends with a place to stay, his apartments, and he took care of my whole family,” Kelly told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

Before his own battles with cancer, Kelly dealt with the loss of his son Hunter.

“When my son was born and, you know, he was diagnosed with a fatal disease and he passed away at the age of eight,” Kelly continued, “And then I was diagnosed with cancer and put my wife and my two daughters through another obstacle like this.”

Surviving cancer twice, Kelly hopes to be a positive example to others.

“I not only had one bout of cancer, I went through two bout and, but the thing is I’m sitting here today and being able to talk about it and hopefully be a difference maker for others out there that you don’t want them to give up.”

Kelly’s own fights with cancer lead him to the partnership with Merck.

“The whole key I think for everything is early detection and for me, we put together, I teamed up with Merck, it’s called ‘Your Cancer Game Plan.’  When, again when my son was born and we heard he had Leukodystrophy, we didn’t know where to turn, we’re like ‘who do we talk to, I’ve never heard of this disease before.’”

The idea of ‘Your Cancer Game Plan’ came from his experience on the football field.

“I played the position of quarterback, we always had game plans, that’s why we came up with it because everybody needs to know where to go when you don’t have the answers.  When I played football a lot of times I didn’t know, but I went back my game plan.”