Former Mexican President Blasts Trump’s Immigration Policy

During an interview with FOX Business Network’s Sandra Smith, Vicente Fox, former President of Mexico, weighed in on Donald Trump and his plans to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

“I think he is a false prophet -- that he is very ignorant on [the] economy, very ignorant about trading… Putting bricks, building buildings is not running an economy. I think it’s totally misleading,” he said.

He argued that building walls between countries doesn’t work.

“Walls don’t sustain themselves. All walls have failed. The Chinese wall, the Berlin Wall -- all walls don’t work. Isolating yourself only takes you to failure. So, this nation so great, so big with such great people--the American people cannot isolate itself. It’s [the U.S.] been the leader of the world since the founding fathers… Everybody [in] this nation, starting with its founding fathers has built bridges, has built relationships and that’s what makes this nation so great… Migration is a two-way street.” he said.

Fox also weighed in on trade relations between the U.S. and Mexico.

“The trade balance between Mexico and [the] United States is reaching a trillion [dollars]… we export half from Mexico to [the] United States but we import half of that amount into Mexico buying all kinds of products which means millions of jobs for U.S. citizens. So he [Trump] is absolutely ignorant [with] what trading is, what creating wealth is all about. So he needs some learning about how to run a nation.”