Ford CEO, Chairman Kick Off Production of New F-150

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Bill Ford on rollout of new aluminum F-150 truck

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Bill Ford on rollout of new aluminum F-150 truck

Ford Motor Company Executive Chairman Bill Ford on the rollout of the company’s first aluminum F-150 pickup truck.

Ford Motor Co.’s (NYSE:F) redesigned F-150 began rolling off the assembly line Tuesday, putting the aluminum-bodied pickup trucks on pace to hit showrooms in December.

In an interview on FOX Business, Chief Executive Mark Fields said the nation’s No. 2 automaker by sales expects initial demand to be high.

More than 225,000 people have submitted their contact information to receive updates about the 2015 F-150, according to Ford. More than 250,000 customers have built and priced their own F-150 online, the best early showing through 13 generations of the truck.

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“Besides fuel economy, this is going to be the most capable truck, and that’s what’s important to customers,” Fields told FBN’s Jeff Flock. “When you take 700 pounds out of this, you can tow more, you can haul more, you can accelerate faster and stop shorter.”

Ford chose to construct the 2015 F-150’s body using aluminum, a lighter and pricier metal compared to steel. Aluminum is typically found on more expensive vehicles.

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