Fmr. Army Intel Officer: TSA Making American Lives a "Living Hell"

While Europe is on heightened alert over the terrorist attacks in Belgium, former Army Intelligence Officer Tony Shaffer says he’s more concerned about security on the home front.

“Domestically, [the] TSA has gone through and done this, what I would say, work slowdown. All the TSA folks at all the airports are now making life hell for the American public because they got caught not capturing things going through. The TSA now is actually… creating conditions for the terrorists to come here and do the very same attack,” he told the FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto.

The attacks come days after Paris suspect Salah Abdeslam’s arrest in Belgium which Shaffer believes was planned as a trigger event.

“I would argue that ISIS knew this was coming. They knew they would grab him eventually and this was going to be a trigger event for them to set off the entire thing to happen at once,” he said.

He added, “this had to be a very carefully orchestrated event and it tells me also that they are still not taking this seriously enough and frankly I don’t think [the] CIA and our intelligence community are doing as best they can to get ahead of this as much as they should to protect us.”