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Fitness Guru Saw Opportunity in Recession

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Small business sees opportunity in recession

Barre Bee Fit Co-founder Ariana Chernin explains why she opened her business during the economic downturn.

Where many small-business owners found it impossible to survive the recession, let alone expand, Barre Bee Fit co-CEO Ariana Chernin saw an opportunity to step into the world of entrepreneurship.

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In this edition of Conference Room, Chernin tells FBN’s Jeff Flock that as an aspiring small-business owner, she felt it necessary to take advantage of everything she could in order to open her studio, which teaches barre fitness classes.

“The recession and the economy provided us with lower rents [and] easier ways to get business open. So, it was a unique opportunity for us, and we took it,” says Chernin.

But Chernin didn’t jump into the business without a safety net. She and her co-founder continued working full-time, until they were able to turn Barre Bee Fit into a success.

“We were teaching eight classes a day. We both had our corporate careers, and we invested our life savings and took a chance on our dream,” says Chernin. “If you have that plan and you execute it and you believe in what you do, anything’s possible.”

Providing a Refuge from Instability

While ObamaCare, the government shutdown and the threat of U.S. debt default is creating much uncertainty for small-business owners, Chernin says her fitness studios offer a refuge for her clients.

“We’ve actually seen sales increase. I think it’s because … there’s instability. People will come and they have an escape,” says Chernin. “It’s an interesting way to kind of use that opportunity, because they love to get that escape and have an outlet.”

Chernin says her team just finalized the opening of their seventh studio and are continuing to expand, thanks to their affordable options for women looking to stay fit.

“We’re affordable, we have low rent and we have a great support system. Our staff is wonderful, so we’re able to keep the prices down and women will come,” says Chernin.

Chernin says they offer a variety of options for women looking to workout, from a monthly membership for $99 to single classes for $18 a pop. Additionally, women can buy packs of classes as well.

“We started with a vision to create a movement and really redefine what it meant for women to be strong and healthy,” says Chernin.

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