Farage on Brexit: The World is Now Our Oyster

British Prime Minister Theresa May signed the Article 50 letter, officially beginning the process of the U.K.’s exit from the European Union.  Though some warn it will lead to economic disaster, former U.K. Independence Party Leader Nigel Farage predicts this will be a positive for Britain.

“We are the Eurozone’s biggest export market in the world.  They sell us motorcars, they sell us champagne, they sell us chocolate, cheese and goodness knows what else.  They trade with us at a massive, massive surplus, it is in their interests to go on doing sensible, commercial business with the U.K.,” Farage told the FOX Business Network’s Lauren Simonetti.

Despite the warnings by some politicians, Farage says the positive economic impact will show this was the right decision.

“It doesn’t matter in the short term however much politicians or bureaucrats huff and puff, in the end it’s the markets, it’s the money, it’s the consumer that wins.”

When asked if two years was enough time to complete the process, Farage said that despite some politicians’ claims that trade deals take five or ten years, “Two years is plenty of time if you’ve got the will to make things happen.”