Fake news is backfiring on mainstream media: Gorka

Deputy Assistant to President Trump Sebastian Gorka says "fake news" attacks on the president have damaged the mainstream media, which Gorka said were "politically driven."

In an interview on the FOX Business Network to talk about the passing of Kate’s Law, which cracks down on illegal immigrants, host Stuart Varney asked Gorka why the story wasn't getting more attention. "Why isn't this headline news," Varney asked.

Gorka said the mainstream media can't move on from the 2016 election.

“They still cannot psychologically deal with the fact that November 8th happened and the American people spoke, as a result they spin their hoaxes, they spin their fake news,” Gorka said, noting that "fake news" was backfiring on the media.

“CNN is imploding finally. The New York Times is falling apart,” he said.