Exclusive: Which Companies Hire From the Top Colleges?

With a college degree being as expensive as it is today, the return on one's investment must be worthwhile. Research provided exclusively to FOXBusiness.com from WithMyDegree.org (based on LinkedIn (NYSE:LNKD) data) shows which big companies recruit from the top universities and party schools.

1. Who Hires From the Top 100 Schools?

Large contracting firms and tech companies take the top five spots when hiring from the most elite universities.

The numbers beneath represent the number of students and alumni present at companies.

Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL)--31,689

IBM (NYSE:IBM)--21,166


Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)--19,483


2. Who Hires From Party Schools?

Some schools might have a reputation for partying, but they also have the brains to work at America's biggest companies.

The numbers beneath include the number of students and alumni from party schools.




Ernst & Young--4,949

U.S. Army--3,484