Elon Musk Has Got a Deal for You: Used Teslas


There’s nothing like selling used Teslas to show electric cars might have a future, after all.

Hear me out, folks. I'm hardly a fan of a technology that has yet to prove itself as worth the fuss or the battery range. But the truth is, when it comes to the most promising of these electric cars, the Tesla has simply been out of most folks' price range.

That is, until now. Because Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk has got a deal for you, he's pushing used Teslas in what might strike some as a desperation move. I disagree. And here's why:

If he succeeds in expanding the base of buyers presently priced out of the high-end electric car market, we could be looking at a whole new market.

Now none of this means I'm any more a fan of cars that still won't go more than a couple of hundred miles before they need a new charge. But if Musk can make good on his promise to double the range capacity of those batteries in the near future, then I'm telling you, these things might have a future.

Right now, range anxiety is too real for electric cars to put a dent in traditional vehicle sales. But Musk is pouring a lot of money into building better batteries, and he's risking losing a lot of money selling used Teslas.

If he finagles both, he could be onto something, and this Tesla plug-in just might ... take off.