Elevator Pitch: Pagevamp for Business Websites

Pagevamp founder Vincent Sanchez-Gomez gave his elevator pitch to Deirdre Bolton on FOX Business' Risk and Reward Friday. Sanchez-Gomez made the case for his website development business and appeared before a panel of judges including RRE Ventures’ Alice Lloyd George,  Columbia University’s Dave Lerner and Mark Peter Davis from Interplay Ventures.

Sanchez-Gomez explained the inspiration behind starting Pagevamp, which helps small businesses create websites.

"There was no solution out there that was truly easy enough for a person with very little technical knowledge to both create and update their own professional-looking website,” Sanchez-Gomez said.

Pagevamp claims it can help business owners create their websites in seconds by linking with users' Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) accounts.

“Rather than force users to learn a complex content management system or WYSIWYG web building interface, Pagevamp allows small business owners and individuals to create and update their beautiful, mobile-optimized website straight from a platform they already know and use,” Sanchez-Gomez said.

So far Pagevamp has raised $470,000 in funding but the company is looking to raise more in the coming months.