Elevator Pitch: NextGenVest for Student Finances

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Elevator Pitch: Student loan advice and budgeting service

Nextgenvest Founder Kelly Peeler has a short elevator ride to make a pitch to FBN’s Deirdre Bolton.

In an effort to appease the student loan crisis, Kelly Peeler founded NextGenVest to help students manage their financial decisions. The service provides personalized advice for a “low stress, high impact” education.

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Peeler will be appearing on Risk & Reward on January 2, to make the case for her business. In an “elevator pitch,” Peeler will present to judges Alicia Syrett from Pategrion Capital; Bronson Lingamfelter from Interplay Ventures; and Peter Shankman from Shankman/Honig.

Peeler says she started NextGenVest because she is concerned that students are making “uneducated financial decisions that will negatively affect their ability to pursue their passions in the future.”

Prior to founding her startup, Peeler worked at JP Morgan (NYSE:JPM) and studied at Harvard. NextGenVest has raised an angel round is looking to raise an additional $150,000 in funding.