Elevator Pitch: Job Matching for the Hospitality Industry

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Elevator Pitch: Would you invest in Culinary Agents?

Shankman Honig Partner Peter Shankman, Flybridge Capital Partners General Partner Matt Witheiler and Jack Hidary of Agent 99 weigh in on startup Culinary Agents in front of CEO Alice Cheng.

On Friday Dec. 12, Alice Cheng, CEO of Culinary Agents, will be appearing on FBN's Risk & Reward to discuss her idea for a professional job matching website for the hospitality industry.

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Cheng will be pitching judges Jack Hidary from Agent 99, Peter Shankman, partner at Shankman/Honig, and Matt Witheiler of Flybridge Capital Partners.

“I quickly realized that the hospitality industry was extremely underserved when it came to tools to support professionalism and career growth,” Cheng says. “I created Culinary Agents to help talent and businesses connect more efficiently around jobs and to develop a new platform for mentoring and advice sharing from industry leaders to inspire future growth.”

Cheng previously spent several years in the food service industry before working in technology at IBM (NYSE:IBM). Culinary Agents is in the process of raising a $1 million seed extension, closing on Dec. 18.