Customer at Florida Restaurant Calls Christmas Music 'Offensive'

Despite the holiday cheer that Christmas music usually brings, a diner at a Florida restaurant was not feeling so jolly.

On the back of the receipt, the diner left a Scrooge-like message calling the Christmas music being played in Michael’s Tasting Room “offensive” and asked the restaurant to “consider playing ‘holiday’ music or less religious themed” tunes.

Michael Lugo, who owns the eatery where the note was left, said he was in “disbelief” after seeing the diner’s message.

“In the business we’re in, we open ourselves up to critique whether [it’s] our food or our service, but now when Christmas music becomes offensive… God what world have we gotten to,” he told the FOX Business Network.

Lugo said the festiveness of his restaurant, located in St. Augustine, mimics that of the city—Christmas trees and lights— and that there was no intent to create controversy.

“I don’t think we meant anything by this other than Christmases are full of traditions,” he explained. “Our restaurant celebrates the Nights of Lights, just like our whole city in St. Augustine—the nation’s oldest city—and it has a historical light celebration.”