Credit service Intuit addresses refusal to process gun purchases

Credit card processing firm Intuit addressed allegations it shut down payments on all gun purchases.

A number of businesses were recently interrupted – without notice – after the company refused to process orders of gun-related sales, the New York Post reported.

However, the company said it does allow gun purchases with their services.

“The policies apply to payments received by companies in industries that are regulated by federal and state law, such as sales of pharmaceuticals, tobacco sales, pet sales, alcohol sales and firearms and weapons sales,” Intuit said in a blog post. “Our company does NOT prohibit ANY of these regulated industries – including the firearms industry – from using QuickBooks for payment processing.”

Intuit also said many of the transactions from its “bank partners” require customers to be “present to swipe their credit card,” but the company cannot verify a customer was present during online transactions.

The company also indicated customers were given notice.

“All of our customers agree to these terms when they sign on to use our services. When a customer of ours is unable or unwilling to meet this commitment, we reach out to them directly to explore a solution to the problem or to transition them off of our service,” it said.

Intuit added it is working with the customer to resolve the “inconvenience” the company caused.