‘Counting Cars’ Danny Koker Says Trump Can Help Small Business

Danny Koker, star of ‘Counting Cars,’ sat down with FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto to talk about  why small business owners have stayed loyal to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump through the highs and lows of the heated 2016 presidential race.

“We’ve been dealing with an administration that has not done its job for the past seven and a half plus years right now. And in my opinion, as a businessman, I need somebody that’s going to help fix that,” Koker told Cavuto.

According to Koker small business are being held back by mounting taxes and regulations.

“I’ve got several businesses based out of Las Vegas here, try to create jobs for real people that have real families and they’re paying their real bills.  And as you work harder, and as you try to become more and more successful, you seem to become more and more penalized whether it’s with taxes or with regulations.”

Koker believes Trump will prevent the government from impeding economic growth.

“I believe that a businessman can truly help other businessmen in that respect.  And it’s the small businesses in my opinion that helps to stimulate and grow the economy.”

Beyond the need to address taxes and regulations, Koker views national security as another key issue.

“And on top of that there are so many other issues that are important to me.  I mean, national security for pete’s sake, everything that is going on in the world right now, if we don’t have national security we have absolutely nothing.”

Koker, who is hoping for change, views a potential Hillary Clinton presidency as a continuation of the Obama administration.

“A Clinton administration is merely going to be an extension of what we’ve been seeing for the past seven and a half plus years.”