Conor McGregor says LeBron James unknowingly taught him crucial lesson about money

MMA star Conor McGregor acknowledges he spent a lot of money early in his career on material things — but the professional fighter says he changed his ways after learning how NBA superstar LeBron James spends his fortune.

McGregor, 30, explained to Tony Robbins in a recent interview posted on, a site owned by his promotion company McGregor Sports and Entertainment Ltd., according to Business Insider, how he has drastically changed his spending habits over the years.

“For so long in my mid to late 20s I was fascinated with material things like cars and watches,” the athlete said. “I switched off of that now. I realized I was spending things on material items and nothing on myself and my being and my fitness.”

The fighter knew he needed to spend more on himself after reading up on James and learning the now Los Angeles Lakers star spends $1.5 million each year order to stay in peak shape.

“You’ve got to be in shape physically to be in shape mentally,” McGregor said. “I actually realized when I read on LeBron James [spending] $1.5 million a year annually on himself. Physical therapists, masseuse, nutritionists, trainers ... all of that.”

The fighter realized he had spent nothing on himself versus material items.

“When I saw that I said, ‘I spent zero,'” he continued.


In 2016, James’ business manager Maverick Carter confirmed the NBA star spent $1.5 million taking care of his body. Carter said during Bill Simmons’ podcast that James always has a trainer go with him, according to CBS Sports. At 34 years old, James has three NBA Championships under his belt and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

Meanwhile, McGregor said he now travels with a nutritionist and doctor and is “blessed to be able to do that.” The UFC star can afford it, too. McGregor earned $99 million in 2018, according to Forbes. He has partnerships with a number of companies, including Burger King and Anheuser-Busch, according to the publication. He also has his own whiskey, Proper No. 12.