Comedian Dennis Miller: I turn my back when De Niro speaks

Oscar-award winning actor Robert De Niro took the stage on Sunday during a commencement ceremony at Brown University, where he told students they’re “graduating into a tragic, dumb--s comedy,” and that the “country’s gone crazy.”

Celebrities and members of the Hollywood community have been harsh critics of President Trump and his policies, but comedian Dennis Miller said he has a found a way to tune out all the negativity.

“When I hear Robert De Niro begin to speak now, I turn my back to him and look over my shoulder and say, ‘You talking to me? You talking to me?’ That’s where it’s come to with Robert De Niro,” said Miller during an interview on the FOX Business Network.

He went on to add that he simply doesn’t listen anymore, because “I can’t live my life like that.”

More recently, comedian Kathy Griffin posted a picture on Twitter of her holding Trump’s severed, bloodied head, which caused both sides of the political spectrum to erupt in disapproval.

“You know, Barack Obama was not my cup of tea, but I didn’t spend every day of eight years wishing him ill. You know, you live your life,” Miller said.

Miller also commented on the wave of political correctness that seems to be engulfing college campus across the nation, and in return, limiting the voice of free speech.

“Jesus Christ could appear on a college campus right now and change water into wine, and he would be frog-walked off by the campus cops because he killed some microorganisms in the wine.”