College Student Fights for Free Speech on Campus

During an interview with Stuart Varney on the FOX Business Network, Florida Atlantic University student Bethany Bowra argued that students at Florida Atlantic University do not want “safety zones,” or free speech to be restricted on the college’s campus.

“It’s is a consensus on FAU’s campus that 91% of the student government passed a resolution to say that we don’t want that,” Bowra said. “So this is the first step that I’ve seen that we know of, that a school is actually taking steps towards fighting for their free speech and for their right to stay away from safe zones.”

Bowra said both sides of the political aisle are able to see eye to eye on many key issues on campus, including the right to freedom of speech.

“The left side is completely supportive of it,” she said. “FAU is a school where both political sides actually get along very well. So it hasn’t really been that big of an issue, but everything that has been happening, both sides have supported whole heartedly.”

Bowra said she isn’t a fan of any of the GOP candidates currently running for president, citing a lack of discussion about issues concerning young people.

“I want to see these candidates talking about reforming college education and reforming the way that we pay for college education,” she said. “Talk about the economy and talk about how we get people back to work. This campaign has been dominated by drama and it’s been dominated by certain people instead of talking about ideas. I think that is what’s turning a lot of college students off to this.”