Colleges cheapening value of degree by offering these crazy courses: Campus Reform

Are colleges going too far with some of their programs?

Campus Reform contributor Emma Meshell believes that they are cheapening the value of a college degree by offering credits towards these courses that don't seem serious.

The University of South Carolina is currently offering courses titled, “Tailgating 101,” “Beginning Belly Dancing” and “Anime Writing." And U.C. Berkeley offers classes such as “Adulting,” “How to Solve the Rubik’s Cube” and “Cal Pokemon Academy.”

“Actual students who are showing up to school hoping to get their business degrees to learn things that are going to help them in their career, the tuition that they pay is worth just the same as much as people who want to take a course in an anime,” she told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney.

Meshell believes college has become a “rite of passage where people go and hang out there for a while” and then leave.

“They're supposed to be prepared for the real world, but in reality they're not,” she said. “And really this is a disservice to, for one, the taxpayers that have to fund this, but also for the serious students that want to go and get an education. It's very unfair to them because they're being forced to feed into this just like everybody else.”


Although there have always been some wild things happening within the higher education system, she said, it has gotten especially “more extreme” within the past couple of years.

“We're seeing more and more things that just seem like a complete waste of time and this really is extra concerning given that these Democrats want to actually guarantee federal funding for these universities forever,” she said. “And you know we know that higher education is not too big to fail and we as the taxpayers shouldn't be asked to bail it out when it's really not proving that it's worth anything.”