Chow Down on the Cheapest Food In America Right Now!


Shoppers rejoice! The United States is about to hit a food-lovers milestone: the longest stretch of falling food prices in 50 years.

Although great for your wallet, farmers, machine manufacturers, restaurants and grocery stores are more than worried. Fueled by an excess supply of dairy, meat and grains, demand has fallen cross the nation.

The price of groceries is down 1.6% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

But let’s not let the bad outweigh the positive effects that cheap prices can have on your food budget. compiled a list of the cheapest and tastiest foods in grocery aisles today.

1. Cookies!

Chocolate chip cookies are at an all time low of $3.21 per pound. Remember to make Cookie Monster proud and share!

2. Mmmmmm ... bacon!

You can fry it, wrap it, slap it on a burger, however you want to eat it, it's the year of bacon right now! At an average of $5.45 per pound, stock up!

3. You Can't Just Have One ... Potato Chips!

Crunch away fellow Americans! The potato chip is salty and cheap; just $4.44 per 16 oz. bag.

4. I Scream, You Scream for Ice Cream!

Chocolate chip, rocky road, s'mores, cookie dough ... the flavors are endless.  For just $4.69 per half gallon, ice cream is your best friend, so tonight, go pick up some new friends.

5. Stop Your Wine-ing!

Oh come to papa! Red or white table wine is only $12.39 per liter. So if anyone questions you tonight at the store, say it's economically smart to drink.