Chevron Oil Rig Catches Fire Off Coast of Nigeria, Two Missing

By EnergyFOXBusiness

Chevron (NYSE:CVX) is still trying to locate two of its workers after one of its rigs off the coast of Nigeria caught fire early on Monday.

The fire broke out on one of Chevron's rigs located offshore near Nigeria’s oil-rich southern delta Monday morning. Search and rescue has successfully recovered 152 of the 154 personnel on board, company spokesman Scott Walker said.

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Local people living near Chevron’s Funiwa oil facility in southeastern Nigeria reported an explosion, according to a report by Reuters. The fire is still burning, Walker said, and early well control activation is ongoing.

The rig impacted is a gas exploration well, which means it is not connected to any oil production. Chevron is investigating some sheen located around the well, but said earlier that there is no spill deriving from the fire or explosion.

"We are still investigating the incident and are working to fully understand what happened," Walker said.

The company has not yet given a cause for the fire.

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