Cheez-It pairs with House Wine for $25 box of wine and crackers

Starting on Thursday, customers can buy the House Wine & Cheez-It box online for $25. (Kellogg)

Cheez-It is pairing with House Wine this summer.

Starting Thursday, the House Wine & Cheez-It box will be available online for $25, Kellogg, the owner of the Cheez-It brand, said Tuesday.

One side of the dual-box will hold House Wine’s Original Red Blend and the other will hold Original Cheez-Its.

“The innovative pairing highlights the cheesy, crunchy satisfaction packed into every Cheez-It cracker and couples it with the red currant aromas and juicy red fruit delivered in House Wine's Original Red Blend,” the release said.

According to the release, the two companies also recommended other House Wine and Cheez-It pairings including White Cheddar paired with Rosé and Extra Toasty paired with Sauvignon Blanc.

"Many of our fans were already exploring pairing different wines with Cheez-It. Just like wine and cheese, you can pair the real cheese inside each Cheez-It flavor with the perfect wine complement and find a pair to enjoy all summer long," Jeff Delonis, senior marketing director for Kellogg's U.S. Snacks division said in the release.

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"We make wines for people to enjoy anytime and anyplace – just like Cheez-It," said House Wine’s winemaker Hal Landvoigt. "I create wines that run the spectrum of flavor — from crisp and bright to savory and spicy. From there, I looked for combinations that complement the real cheese found in each flavor of Cheez-It to make the perfect pairing."


Though the boxes of wine and cheese crackers are offered only while supplies last, the companies recommend pairing their respective wines and crackers, box or not.

House Wine was founded in 2004 “with the goal of providing maximum value and quality in an iconic minimalist package,” according to its website.