Cavuto, Piscopo Take on Adele

FBN’s Neil Cavuto and Actor Joe Piscopo put on their best British accents during a light-hearted exchange on Adele’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

The Grammy Award winner’s comments were captured by an Instagram user during a concert in Miami on Tuesday night.

“Don’t vote from him, that’s what I’m saying. I support Hillary Clinton 100%...100%, I do,” proclaimed the singer to the boisterous crowd.

“Now if you don’t know British, that’s don’t vote for him. Don’t vote for him. Vote for her. He’s a basket case. I’m trying here. You know I thought there’d be a little residual pity…apparently not but that shocked me,” said Neil Cavuto.

“Great English accent, I say, I say. Good English accent,” responded Piscopo.

“I never thought of her as political one way or another,” said Cavuto.

“Well now she is. I think you should just ban her from your show because she wants to go with her,” said Piscopo.

“And by the way I’d do the same if she was doing it for Trump. I think she should be above that. It’s a voice from heaven, it would be like Jesus taking sides,” responded Cavuto.

“Praise Jesus,” joked Piscopo. “You’re going to tell me that a celebrity is going to sway Neil Cavuto’s vote? So now that she said that you’re not going to vote for Donald? Come on now, really.”

On whether Piscopo thinks she swayed the crowd, Piscopo said, “No…Misguided in her political thoughts, but a great talent…She did not have to say that.”