Trump should release Carter Page FISA warrant: Kennedy

The president has had a very frustrating few days between the anonymous op-ed, the Bob Woodward book and the very contentious Kavanaugh resistance. What's a stable genius to do? Bark up a different tree and while the noise may drown out the negative cacophony, the long-term ramifications could be enormously positive.

The president tweeted today, "The deep state and the left, and their vehicle the fake news media, are going crazy & they don't know what to do.

“Economy is booming like never before, jobs are at historic highs, and two Supreme Court justices & maybe declassification to find additional corruption."

He is being encouraged by a dozen lawmakers who want him to let loose more of the Carter Page FISA warrant they say was dubiously based on the maligned Christopher Steele dossier, and they want not only the warrant but also a dozen 302's, FBI memos from Bruce Ohr and his dealings with and about Christopher Steele.

If the president releases this info, it is a wonderful precedent hopefully all future commanders-in-chief will have to follow, because opacity is the deep state's greatest shield. We are neither too dumb nor too tender to peep these pages, and let us judge for ourselves what it means, who it harms and whether or not it burns our precious eyeballs. Release the kraken, Mr. President. It is time.