Canadian artist Daniel Mazzone: From homeless teen to the next Andy Warhol

From being homeless to the art scene, Canadian artist Daniel Mazzone, told FOX Business how his talent changed his life.

After Mazzone spent his teen years in the streets, worked his way through university for finance but found himself unhappy. That’s when he said his life changed.

“I worked on a trading floor and I just wasn’t happy with my job and I went back to my roots and started doing artwork again for fun and it went up in a restaurant,” he told Maria Bartiromo on “Mornings with Maria.” â€œA friend of mine wanted to sell it and I thought ‘I didn’t know if anyone would like it’ and he says ‘don’t worry I’ll take care of it.’ And then it sold and I just decided, I called my boss and told him I wasn’t going to come to work anymore and did something I was going to do and it just sort of skyrocketed.”

Now, Mazzone, is being hailed as the next Andy Warhol. His works, which are inspired by real people and created from photos and newspaper articles of the subject, have grabbed the attention of high-profile clients including celebrities and athletes.

“What I do is, I usually study the subject and I’ll collect materials that will tell a true story of the person,” he said. “So with Alexander Hamilton, here for instance, in a shirt that the original newspapers about Alexander Hamilton and then the different photographs that tell the story of his life, childhood, where they grew up and different series of events in their life. So it gives a little bit of soul to the picture.”

Mazzone also features a part of himself in the pieces.

“Growing up as a kid I was obsessed with comic books so I love to do not only a story of other people, but a little bit of a piece of myself as well,” he said. “So I do a series of women with comic books and then I also do a series of women … you think of natural beauty. So I do them with waterfalls and flowers and that sort of thing,” he said.