'Cake Boss' says his 'big crazy Italian family' birthed reality TV series

'Cake Boss' on his capitalism success story

'Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro on how he got his start in his dad's bakery.

“Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro shared his capitalism success story with FOX Business on Friday. 

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Valastro, 42, took over his father’s bakery and turned it into a cake empire.

“I started after my dad passed away," he told FOX Business' Stuart Varney. "I was 17, I actually had to drop out of high school, to take over the business, and I started to really see that the old world bakery was getting destroyed by the supermarkets."

“You know and I came up with a theory saying look I'm going to make stuff that they can't make. I didn't want to have the doughnuts for nickels and dimes. Let them have it… I said I'm going to make the cakes," he added. "I can do this artistic stuff. And I taught myself how to do it.”


Valastro said he started to gain exposure from magazines and television competition shows about cakes, which eventually led to a reality TV series on TLC.

“I'm standing in my bakery. It’s 2009. I get a phone call and they're like, 'You know we're thinking of doing a show about cakes. What do you think?'" he said. "I said we'll just follow me and my bakery. I have a big crazy Italian family, a 100-year-old business, and I do these outrageous cakes. Then it was the birth of ‘Cake Boss.'"


‘Cake Boss’ returns on Discovery Family for season nine.

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