Brocery Shopping With Dad This Father's Day


As millennials become parents, traditional gender roles have been flipflopped. Fewer Dads are their family's breadwinner, and more men are answering the question about work-life balance.

One area where men are stepping up their game is the grocery store, according to new data from Ibotta, a cash back app.

Over the past three years, dad's trips to the grocery stores has increased by almost 5%. Specifically, young dads (18-24) hit the grocery store more than any other age groups of dads. Ibotta's research shows that the most growth in brocery shopping is millennial dads (25-34), a 62% increase over the last three years.

But what are dads picking up at the grocery store? According to Ibotta, eight out of the ten top products are milk related items. And when it comes to snacks, dad is more likely than mom to buy yogurt, cereal and watermelon slices.