Breakthrough flu patch could replace vaccines, Dr. Marc Siegel says

A new patch has been developed that could potentially replace the dreaded annual flu shots.

The patch has tiny needles that you cannot feel and it dissolves into your skin, that may replace the traditional flu vaccine. It also can be stored at room temperature, replacing the hassle of having to refrigerate vaccine concoctions during transportation.

According to Dr. Marc Siegel, of the Fox News Medical A-Team, up to 500,000 people a year are hospitalized from flu-related illnesses and the flu shot administered this past year was only 45% effective against preventing illness.

“The technology looks like it’s excellent,” Dr. Siegel said during an interview on FOX Business. “I think it’s going to replace vaccines.”

The patch, which showed early results for other vaccines also, “looks very, very promising for measles, and rubella, they’ll probably be able to use it for chicken pox, for mumps, all of our basic vaccines,” Dr. Siegel said.

Phase one of the FDA trial has deemed the patch safe with very little side effects. Dr. Siegel believes that the patch will continue trials through the next year or two before being released for use to the general public.