Breaking up in a Netflix world is getting harder: Here's why

What is harder: Breaking up or giving up subscription passwords?

Romantic partners are increasingly sharing passwords for accounts such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. This can lead to a major headache during a breakup, according to a dating expert.

"We see that couples are combining not only their rent and electric bills, but also their Netflix and Hulu passwords," said relationship and dating expert Dr. Jess Carbino to FOX Business' Maria Bartiromo on Friday. "As couples are dissolving their relationship they are going through a really stressful time. The last thing they are thinking about is who has the Netflix password."

Dr. Carbino said after a breakup people form their own identities.

"Maintaining a $10 connection to somebody frankly is a way for them to really hang on and not form a separate identity," she said. "You really should be trying to divide and conquer in the terms of your own assets."


Dr. Carbino added that while staying on a shared account might be sentimental, it also means you are able to monitor the other person's behavior and this can hold you back from truly breaking up from one another.