Pacquiao has a message for Thurman before they fight

Manny Pacquiao has a message for WBA world welterweight champion Keith Thurman before they go toe-to-toe in the boxing ring this Saturday.

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“I want to teach him, like a professor,” he told FOX Business’ Ashley Webster on Friday.

The Hall of Fame-bound boxer was responding to Thurman’s comments from a couple of weeks ago in which the undefeated boxer said he plans on pointing Pacquiao in the “right direction.”

“I am not going to be nice to him in the ring,” Thurman told Stuart Varney. “We can be friends afterward. He already has another job. He is a senator in the Philippines.”

Boxing champ Keith Thurman plans to beat Manny Pacquiao and the stock market

WBA world welterweight champion Keith Thurman not only goes toe-to-toe in the boxing ring, but he also spars with the stock market.

While many know Pacquiao as a 12 major-title-champion boxer, he serves in his home country of the Philippines as a senator with the People's Champ Movement. Pacquiao has also dabbled in the world of entertainment as an actor, music recording artist and TV host.

“The secret is to believe in God, always [be] humble,” Pacquiao said when asked how he manages his boxing and legislative priorities.

Pacquiao, 40, reportedly took home $120 million as part of a $300 million split purse prize in the 2015 fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr., according to Forbes.


The Pacquiao-Thurman face-off is one of the most highly-anticipated boxing matches of the year. Pacquiao has become the odds-on favorite to defeat Thurman, who has a 29-0 record. The fight is scheduled for this Saturday Saturday, July 20 at 5:00 PM EDT, available on Fox Sports.