BleachBit Creator Says Possibility of Finding Clinton's Wiped E-mails Exists

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Did Clinton used BleachBit to wipe out emails?

BleachBit Creator and Co-Founder Andrew Ziem discusses how BleachBit is used to wipe out emails.

Andrew Ziem , the co-founder and creator of BleachBit, the software program allegedly used by Hillary Clinton’s team to permanently wipe emails, revealed during an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Varney & Co., that even though the emails are permanently deleted from Clinton’s server, the possibility of those e-mails living on third-party servers still exists.

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“What BleachBit can do is delete the data off of the server on which it was run… A challenge for Hillary though would be that emails that she sent out to the Senate email servers and to other parties – that’s beyond the scope of BleachBit,” he said.

Ziem added: “Whenever an email is sent from her server to another email address, for example someone at, it creates copies and I assume that Hillary Clinton even herself doesn’t have control over all those third-party email servers, only her own.”

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Ziem said the free software is designed specifically for desktops and laptops, but can also work on servers.

He also said the company website has seen a big boost in traffic since the new allegations were revealed.

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