‘Black Panther’ toy shortage said to be overblown after box office smash

While toy manufacturers are scrambling to meet demand after Disney’s Marvel picture “Black Panther” officially surpassed “Titanic” this weekend as the third-highest-grossing film of all time, analysts said reports of a massive shortage of toys related to the movie have been overblown.

A source familiar with the situation told FOX Business that while both Disney and Hasbro, the toy manufacturing giant that scored the master license to make the films’ toys, did not anticipate that the movie would be the “number three movie of all time,” there isn’t a lack of merchandise as reported in several news outlets.

“The product line celebrating Black Panther is the largest ever for a Marvel original film including expanded categories, such as performance wear and high-fashion collaborations,” a Disney spokesperson told FOX Business. 

Disney added that its first round of products for the superhero film included more categories than its first “Captain America” or “Iron Man” movies.

Gerrick Johnson, a toy analyst at BMO Capital, told FOX Business that while inventory for the film is “pretty normal and healthy,” toy supplies overall are “pretty thin” right now.

“Retailers are saddled with a lot of uncertainty in the toy aisle,” Johnson said. “So the Black Panther sections are light, as is everything, but you can find stuff.Johnson added that Hasbro said it planned a full line but it’s better “to keep it tight now, as scarcity is good to keep interest and demand going into the back half.” Jim Silver, president of the toy review website TTPM, told FOX Business that reports of “Black Panther” toy shortages are unfounded.

Disney and Hasbro said another wave of products is expected to come out in the next few months “to complement its already robust line.” Those items include back-to-school merchandise, costumes and, in September, more toys.

“We anticipated demand would be strong, but it is exceeding even our highest expectations,” the Disney spokesperson said.