Bentley Speeds Into 2017 With Its Most Powerful Car Ever

Bentley races into the new year with its fastest car yet: the Continental Supersports. Jon Simons, Bentley’s head of Products for America, highlights some of the luxurious features in the new car.

“This is the most extreme Bentley ever – the fastest and most powerful car which we’ve ever produced. And it even has a top speed of 209 miles an hour,” Simons told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

Simons described the typical Bentley buyers as “business elite, entrepreneurs; these are customers that buy their car as a statement of self-reward.”

A Bentley Continental Supersports doesn’t come cheap though, with the convertible version starting at $322,600.

Besides the high price tag, it may be hard to find one because of the limited supply and high demand.

“This is a highly exclusive car, we’re only bringing 250 to the North American region. Just from the launch last week, our dealers are telling us that around 10% of those cars have already been taken for in terms of deposits, so there is an extremely high demand for the car.

But, according to Simons, despite the limited quantity making it to North America, the U.S. is actually the automaker’s largest market.

“We have a really wide demographic for this car. I mean, America is our biggest market, so we have more of these cars coming to America than other markets.”