Bartiromo: Tonight One-Third of Voters Will Decide Who They're Voting For

The first presidential debate is just hours away. As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton prepare to meet in the first head-to-head match-up of the 2016 election season, brand new CNN polls show the candidates locked in a dead heat. Yet, with the election just over one month away, many Americans still haven’t made up their minds about who they are going to vote for.

We caught up with the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, host of Mornings with Maria, and she told us why she thinks this debate will be pivotal for voters.

“Tonight one-third of Americans will likely decide who their candidate is,” she tells “After tonight people will have a better idea of who they believe is qualified to lead their lives, and lead the country.”

The scope of the match-up will be massive: more than 100 million Americans are expected to tune in to watch the debate this evening.

“That is the largest debate audience we’ve ever seen. It is clear the American people have not decided. And there is huge block of people who are waiting on tonight’s debate… to make their decision,” Bartiromo says.

So what issues are Americans hoping to get more details on? In addition to national security, Bartiromo believes financial security has been one of the biggest focal points for voters this year.

“It’s about jobs; it’s about prospects for someone’s family, the prospects for someone’s prosperity,” she says.

Maria will join the hundreds of millions of Americans tuning in to the action this evening, and you will want to tune in to her show, Mornings with Maria, Tuesday at 6 a.m. ET as well!

“We’ve been called the 'smartest conversation in the morning' on Mornings with Maria, we have a jam-packed program after the debate to really go through everything we saw take place,” Bartiromo tells

Maria’s show promises to bring you expert analysis from high-powered guests, including the man who could be Trump’s energy secretary, and another influential policymaker who would likely be an adviser in a Clinton administration. Maria will also bring you the smartest insights, and pick apart the candidate’s answers to the issues that matter most to you.

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