Barking Good! The New Startup Revolutionizing Your Dog's Dinner

$60.28 billion. That’s how much Americans spend on their pets, according to the Pet Products Association (APPA).  $24.9 billion of that is on the food Fido and Fluffy eat, according to IBIS World Report. There’s no denying it: America’s pets are hungry.

On average, dog owners spend over $269 annually on food alone, says the APPA report.  Taking a bite out of the rising trend is Ollie, the brand new human-grade dog food home delivery service.  Launching today, Ollie hopes health conscious pet parents will jump at this new, unique subscription service.

“We formed Ollie because we saw the health epidemic in this country around dogs,” Gabby Slome, co-founder of Ollie tells Sloan also says 60% of dogs in the U.S. are obese. Diabetes and cancer rates have increased. “90% of those cancer rates are because of diet, not genetic issues,” adds Slome.

After answering an online questionnaire about your pup, Ollie will ship a tailored food plan, every two weeks right to your door. They will ship nationwide to 48 states.

“People really project their health concerns on their dogs that they would be doing on themselves, their kids or their babies. So you really want to do what’s best for them,” Alex Douzet, Ollie’s co-founder says.

Currently, 43% of all dog food purchases are dry kibble, whereas 11.2% of food is wet, according to an IBIS Report.

“People are unaware at the current state of what is actually in their dog food” says Slome. “Roadkill, euthanized animals, what ends up on the slaughterhouse floor all end up in your dog food,” warns Slome.

It’s not kibble or canned food for Ollie. Your dog’s dinner is cooked in a USDA and FDA regulated kitchen with human grade food and produce, like beef, blueberries, peas and sweet potatoes

“What we have seen is that the pet food industry is recession proof … this is actually a trend a movement we are creating,” says Douzet.

“We like to say that we are starting a real dog food revolution,” Slome adds.

Be sure to watch the full video on Ollie’s new dog food service above.