Artificial intelligence will probably cure cancer: Zeta Global CEO

Zeta Global co-founder John Sculley and Zeta Global CEO David Steinberg weighed in on why artificial intelligence will play a key role in the future of technology.

“Well, I think the growth is clearly in the cloud, it’s about mobility, but it’s all about scaling because artificial intelligence lets us take the complexity of life and enable us to do things on a massive scale, that’s exactly what Zeta Global is doing,” Sculley told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

When The Wall Street Journal Global Economics Editor Jon Hilsenrath asked how artificial intelligence might impact FOX viewers, Steinberg responded, “As my kids like to tell me all the time, ‘Dad, you’re not curing cancer.’  But artificial intelligence probably will.  Not the way we use it but the way it’s being developed.  If you think about, effectively, you can create a program that can get smarter as it gets more information and that’s really what artificial intelligence is.”

According to Steinberg, artificial intelligence helps process data faster in order to make more informed decisions.

“For example, if you’ve got a terabyte of data, which is a billion gigabytes, no human can go through that amount of information in a period of time that would actually allow you to make a decision,” Steinberg said on Mornings with Maria.

Steinberg then gave an example, telling Bartiromo, “We have a very large automotive client that we can process a terabyte of data fast enough to publish a customized offer to a person visiting a website in the three milliseconds it takes that site to load.”