Cloud Innovations

Does Amazon or Pentagon have 'better case' on computing contract?

FOX Business' David Asman and Kristina Partsinevelos, Heritage Foundation economist Stephen Moore, Capitalist Pig founder Jonathan Hoenig, Kaltbaum Capital Management president Gary Kaltbaum and cybersecurity strategy expert Morgan Wright discuss why Amazon has officially protested the Pentagon's cloud-computing contract awarded to its rival Microsoft.

$14 laser pointer could hijack voice assistants

FOX Business' David Asman and Jackie DeAngelis, Heritage Foundation economist Steve Moore, former investment banker Carol Roth, former Obama economic adviser Robert Wolf and Fox News' Brett Larson discuss how hackers can hijack devices in people's homes and ways to prevent them from taking over your voice assistants.

Amazon may challenge Pentagon over book claim: Report

FOX Business’ Hillary Vaughn reports on Amazon potentially challenging the Pentagon’s decision to contract Microsoft over Amazon for cloud computing deal after claims President Trump instructed Defense Secretary James Mattis to disregard the e-commerce giant’s bid.