Cloud Innovations

IBM leads on patents for 25th straight year

The global tech firm’s 9,043 patents included more than 1,900 related to advances in cloud computing, more than 1,400 related to artificial intelligence and 1,200 for cybersecurity, including a AI-enabled system designed to thwart phishing hacks.

Cloud Technology Helps Drive UPS

Petabytes, mainframes, tier-four data, the cloud; it’s not just technological mumbo-jumbo but the science behind getting your packages delivered on time.

Box Shares Rise On Strong Results

Box, which provides file storage and collaboration services in the cloud, said it expected sales to grow by 30% over the next year, despite stiff competition from rivals Microsoft and Dropbox.

The Cloud Knows Which Employees Want to Quit

Imagine a future where data can predict which employees are flight risks, and which of those are worth trying to keep – and your 'auto assistant' then schedules an appointment with them and marks your calendar? It’s not that far off, according to ADP’s CIO/CTO.