Are the EPA and Anti-Frackers Drinking the Same Water?

The EPA says that fracking does not cause “widespread” harm to drinking water, but some anti-frackers claim to have found evidence that proves it does.

“Anti-frackers are just being clever,” FrackNation Producer Phelim McAleer told FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

“When you bring a truck onto a field or start drilling a hole you may impact a stream and you may spill oil into a waterway…If you do any industrial process in the countryside you eventually will somewhere impact water somewhere by spilling oil or fluid.”

McAleer argued that it’s very easy to analyze water and no one been able to produce scientific evidence on fracking’s impact.

Although the EPA’s study supports fracking, McAleer says it won’t open up the possibility of fracking in other states.

“The EPA has spoken…But that will not stop anti-fracking activists who have a religious faith in this…They don’t like fracking and will do anything to stop it.”