Apple Testing New Genius Bar Setup to Boost Capacity

By Brad ReedBGR

The next time Apple fans head to their local stores for a Genius Bar consultation, they might notice some slight changes.

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ifoApplestore writes that Apple stores are changing their Genius Bar layouts ever-so-slightly to help accommodate more customers and to get their questions answered more quickly. Specifically, ifoApplestore says that the new layout being tested in an Apple Store will “pivot the [Genius Bar] table by 90-degrees so that it’s perpendicular to the rear wall of the store, and to eliminate the iconic kids seats and tables.”

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What’s more, the new layout will emphasize “the use of iPads to manage service records,” thus further increasing available space in the Genius Bar.

ifoApplestore says that it doesn’t know whether Apple plans to roll out the revamped Genius Bar to other stores or if the company is still experimenting with different formats.

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