Anti-Trump Protesters Torch Man’s Limo, Terrify His Family

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Owner of limo torched during inauguration faces $100K in damages

Nationwide Chauffeured Services President Muhammad Ashraf speaks out against Trump rioters who set his limousine on fire during an Inauguration Day protest in Washington, D.C.

On Friday, during Donald Trump’s inauguration, anti-trump protesters swarmed the streets of Washington, D.C. While most of the protesters were peaceful, some vandalized city property, businesses and even nearby vehicles.

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In downtown Washington, a limo belonging to a Muslim immigrant named Muhammed Ashram was set ablaze and destroyed by rioters. The incident drew a lot of media attention, but not the type of attention Ashram wanted.

“I received a call from my fleet manager and had said that the car has been damaged and then the driver sent me a few images of it and that is how I found out that this was happening ,” Ashram told the FOX Business Network’s Liz MacDonald.

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Ashram, who has created a gofundme page to raise money to help pay for the damages, said these protesters need to understand the full impact of their actions.

“You feel like a sinking feeling. When I saw my limo being damaged and was put on flame. I felt like I was having a really bad feeling about that. My kids were really affected and I remember my daughter, nine years old Hannah came to hug me at least three to four times and she said Poppa It’s going to be okay,” he said. Ashram also spoke directly to the protestors saying, “…There are so many different ways to have your voice be heard, but the violence is not one of them.”

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