Ann Coulter on Colbert: Hollywood's Liberal Agenda Driving Trump Attack

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter said Hollywood’s liberal agenda is being used unfairly to attack Donald Trump on TV.

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“I would have liked the nuclear launch codes better if it were not the Left’s modus operandi to take their positions as Hollywood media academia and attack Wal-Mart voters. I mean that is what’s driving the attack on Donald Trump,” she said to the FOX Business Network’s Charles Payne. “It’s his deplorable supporters they are really going after when they attack Donald Trump, that’s their specialty—to attack weak people -- people who don’t have cache and power in America.”

On Monday, The Late Show host Stephen Colbert, performed a monologue making lewd comments about President Trump, leading to a Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) campaign urging CBS (NYSE:CBS) to fire the late-night comedian. But Coulter, who was at the center of a controversial free speech debate in April said this is no laughing matter.

“My objection is really a matter of taste and the sort of morons who can watch this over and over, and it’s every late night show now,” she said.

The ‘In Trump We Trust’ author was scheduled to speak at the University of Berkeley, but fears over violent protests sparked the campus to cancel.

“What that was, was free speech for communists. So the communists took over the universities and then no more free speech. It’s like what they say about democracy in a third world—one man, one vote, one time,” she said.

When asked whether she’d go back, Coulter said: “Well I tried to right up until the last minute, we were about to win, the law was on our side, the facts were on our side… My allies pulled out. I’m very disappointed in that, I would prefer to go in with allies who will not back down on the cusp of victory.”