Americans are tuning out mainstream media ‘BS’ Trump bashing: Harlan Hill

Congressman Luis Gutierrez, (D-Ill.), slammed President Trump for throwing paper towels into a crowd while distributing supplies in Puerto Rico.

"They don't need paper towels tossed at them like t-shirts at a sports arena... Which is why I was frankly horrified by our president's performance," Gutierrez said on Wednesday.

Harlan Hill, a member of the “Trump for President” advisory board, however had a very different take.

“You know what Puerto Rico doesn’t need?,” Hill asked the FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on “Varney & Co.” Thursday. “It doesn’t need another politician grandstanding on national TV for the political expedience of the Democratic Party.”

Faced with adversity, President Trump has dealt with three major hurricanes, threats from North Korea and other national problems within a month. Despite this, in Hills opinion President Trump has gone “above and beyond,” and called out Democrats and the mainstream media for “race-baiting Americans.”

“It’s an insult to our intelligence and Americans have woken up and they are not even going to dignify this ridiculous BS anymore,” he said and added Americans are starting to “tune out” bias coverage.

“If you look at the ratings of CNN – that’s substantiated by the facts. Because they are in the gutter and they are going to have to fire their president because he has put his own political agenda above the performance of his network,” he said.