Adam Carolla on 'No Safe Spaces': Hollywood blacklists over politics

Hollywood’s political agenda may scare some people away from sharing their views, but comedian Adam Carolla said that has not stopped him from teaming with radio host Dennis Prager to create a documentary called ‘No Safe Spaces' which aims to show the truth about what’s happening on college campuses.

“The reason Dennis Prager and I are making this movies is because Hollywood would not make this movie,” Carolla told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

Recently, The Evergreen State College was put in the spotlight over racist protests. Carolla said professors are to blame for students’ chaotic behavior.

“The lunatics have taken over the asylum—I don’t really blame the kids. The kids are 19, stoned out of their minds, had horrible parents, and grew up with a very steady diet of narcissism. They are just acting out,” he said.  “I blame the faculty. I blame the administration. They are the zoo keepers. The kids are just the animals and they are mixing the hyenas and the leopards, the gazelles—they are putting them all in the same pen and they are wondering what’s going wrong.”

While Carolla believes many people in Hollywood agree, fear over being blacklisted holds them back.

“It’s not really like the aerospace industry where you’re a very skilled tape welder and you can get a job at SpaceX. You have to get jobs from other people and in Hollywood you may not get a job if you take these kind of stances,” he said.

Carolla said crowdfunding for the film has raised $300,000 of the $500,000 needed to launch.