Actress Kimberlin Brown Breaks Down After RNC Speech

Former soap actress Kimberlin Brown broke down after her RNC speech Tuesday night, saying she did it for her kids.

"I did take a big risk. I may never get asked to work again but I did it for my kids," Brown tells

Brown says that since her name was released as a speaker last week, she was targeted by online bullying.

"I was labeled a racist, homophobe. I was told I must be going to KKK meetings. And, anybody who knows me and knows my circle of friends, they simply know that is not true. I have such a diverse group of friends in my life," she adds. "That was devastating to me. It really was. It never dawned on me that speaking my mind would bring out such speech."

Brown, who is best known for her role as Sheila Carter in "The Young and the Restless" and "The Bold and the Beautiful," left daytime television to start her own design company and become an avocado farmer with her husband.

Last May, Brown was one of 100 women to join the "Women in Business for Trump" coalition.

"Overregulation is killing small businesses, especially in California. Trade deals that I mentioned in my speech (Tuesday night), they really do attack us as avocado growers," she adds. "It's driving down the prices and it's forcing our small farmers out of business and that's just wrong."

Brown says that Donald Trump is the only man to get businesses and the country back on track.

"I think having a businessman in a position who knows what I'm talking about and what other business people are talking about, is what is important. He knows how to make deals."