A Business Owner’s Video Shoot Nightmare

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Here is a an in-the-trenches entrepreneur’s diary from Diane Piper, president and designer for BORSAbag LLC, a company that makes a unique bag-in-a-bag design to keep valuables clean and dry. Here is her story about the day a video shoot went bad. Don't make the same mistakes.

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My mornings usually begin by filling orders, checking inventory, and following up with customers. There are networking events to attend, retailers to visit, social media updates and many emails to be written. And on this morning I had to prepare for an upcoming family wedding in Dallas! All of this on the same day I had scheduled a videographer to make a new video for my website. I didn’t have time to practice my script. I didn’t even have a script.  I thought I was ready. I thought it was OK. I thought wrong.

I never saw a preview of how I appeared or sounded. My video was sent as an attachment to me in an email about a week later. I hit play, and I immediately froze. All that stress I hid was screaming from a haggard, unenthusiastic clone of myself. It was awful. It will be tucked away, and hopefully laughed at, sometime in the future. Unfortunately I’m back to square one. A day of time and money lost.

So what did I learn? ALWAYS CHECK to see how you’re coming across. Will everyone see what you want them to see?

Take time to refocus, reprioritize. Put the video on hold. Skip the wedding. Take a deep breath.

“Good things take time." Learn from my failure.

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